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5 Top Places For Marketing Udemy Courses

Udemy Marketing: 50+ Places For Marketing Your Udemy Course
Top 5Have you just published your first Udemy course and not sure what to do next? It seems like many focus on course creation and forget they still have to market their creation. We often forget as instructors that Udemy is just a platform on which our work resides. It’s not up to Udemy to work their magic and sell our courses from the moment we hit “Submit for review”. The job of marketing is up to us and there are a myriad of ways for us to accomplish this to sell more courses. Plus when we do it ourselves we get to keep a big piece of the revenue and that makes our PayPal accounts happy.

Here’s 5 Top Places I think every Udemy instructor should start marketing their new courses. Feel free to leave a comment below if you know of some other great places.

1. WordPress Website – I have this one listed first because of the firm believe it is important for every Udemy instructor to have their own website. WordPress is affordable, SEO friendly, easy to setup and maintain. It couse about $10-$15 a year to have your own domain name and under $8 a month for WordPress hosting.

2. Free Udemy Courses – The top unofficial Udemy group on Facebook for posting your free course coupons. This group just recently topped over 6,000 members and will likely be higher by the time you read this. Make sure your read the group rules which are pretty simple.

3. Udemy Studio – The Udemy Studio makes this list of top places because it is the Official Udemy Facebook Group and boast over 27,000 members. That’s larger that a lot of towns in my home state of Idaho. The way you can post your course coupons have changed and I’m not really a big fan of the new method. I actually posted free coupons for my latest course on other “Free Coupon” unofficial Udemy Facebook Groups and had pretty good success.

4. – This site has a lot of traffic and is great for posting both free and discounted course coupons. Make sure you search the site to make sure your course isn’t already posted in their Udemy forums. This is because members of this forum hang out in the Udemy Studio and share free coupons on BBHF. Remember to read the rules for posting to this forum so you aren’t banned.

5. – List your course for free to display it on this fast growing popular website. This site also offers the option for premium homepage listings for even more exposure including posting your course on their Facebook page and Twitter.

Are you looking for more ways to promote your Udemy course? I’ve put together a comprehensive list of Facebook Groups, websites and more to promote your course. I have also released a course that shows you 50+ places to market your Udemy Course and explains how to post course coupons to each of those Facebook Groups, discount websites and more. Enroll for just $5 for a limited time and see with other Udemy instructors are saying about this course.

Need even more help? Check out The Course Factory for a 5-Point Checklist.

UHangout with Host Dennis Smith: Udemy Course Marketing and Promotion Hangout

Are you struggling with your Udemy course marketing? Join me on this Hangout with Udemy Instructors Rob Cubbon and Dave Espino while we talk about marketing your Udemy course. Both Rob and Dave have some great ideas to help increase your income along with great courses and articles.

Here’s some of what we discussed:

Course Cross Promotion via Udemy
WordPress Website
Facebook Groups and Social Media
Email Marketing
YouTube Marketing

Dennis J. Smith
Dave Espino
Rob Cubbon

5 Great Ways To Collect Email Addresses You Probably Didn’t Know

Udemy Tips – How To Create Promotional Email Announcements For Your Udemy Course

Get my course “Udemy Marketing: 50+ Places For Marketing Your Udemy Course” for just $5 bucks for a limited time! Preview and enroll here:

8+ Udemy Courses for Udemy Instructors

8+ Udemy Courses for Udemy Instructors

Udemy CourseAre you struggling to get your Udemy course off the ground? Wondering how you can increase your course income? I have rounded up a list of 8+ excellent courses from top Udemy instructors that you can take to learn how to be a successful instructor and watch that PayPal account grow. There are no guarantees and results might vary depending on the effort you put into building a great course and marketing your course. Most of these Udemy courses below are under $20 bucks and a few are even free.



Google Analytics for Udemy Instructors – Hassle Free Reports
Instructor Scott Duffy

Google Analytics for Udemy Instructors - Hassle Free Reports

This is a brand new course that is an excellent resources to teach instructor how to add Google Analytics tracking to their courses. This allows instructors to track visits, page views, and conversions for your Udemy course so you can use that information to your benefit. Including the ability to see which of your lectures are being viewed the most by students and where your referrals are coming from.

How to Create a Million Dollar Course on Udemy!
Instructor Victor Bastos

How to Create a Million Dollar Course on Udemy!

New course that covers a lot of information by an instructor who has generated over 1 million dollars of income on Udemy. This course has over 57 lectures packed full of useful information that Victor covers fairly well. Don’t forget to check out the lecture on Affiliate Marketing which I think is a great tool for building additional income.

How I Make $4,000 A Week From Udemy Courses – And No Filming
Instructor Alun Hill

How I Make $4,000 A Week From Udemy Courses - And No Filming

Learn how to create courses with Alun’s  secrets, equipment suggestions, how to make more money by adding your course to other online education sites (which I have done) and a lot more helpful information. Watch the Preview videos in this course or hangout in the Udemy Studio Facebook Group in which Alun will be found.

See The Earnings Here

Online Learning Podcast: Interviews with Udemy Authors
Instructor John Colley

Online Learning Podcast Interviews with Udemy Authors

This free course is mainly a collection of Podcast featuring interviews from various Udemy instructors like Alun Hill, Rob Cubbon, Matt Bernstein and more. I recommend this course because it is free and there is lots of great information provided during each podcast. It also lets you

Udemy Course Creation Secrets: How I Make $000’s on Udemy
Instructor John Colley

Udemy Course Creation Secrets How I Make $000's on Udemy

In this course you’ll learn just about everything there in to learn about because successful on Udemy. John covers it all from researching your competition, course creation, choosing the right equipment for great presentation and quickly creating your lectures in under 30 minutes. It really doesn’t have to be that difficult getting started with Udemy and this course gets you off on the right track for Udemy success. There are over 60 lectures in this course which makes it well worth the investment and more!

Udemy Profits: How I Make $2,000 a Month Selling Courses
Instructor Matt Bernstein

Udemy Profits How I Make $2,000 a Month Selling Courses

This course from Matt packs in a lot of useful information an an exceptional price with plenty of tips on how you can be successful just like Matt. This guy is the real deal. There are 30 lectures in this course and you can preview over half of those before you purchase the course.

Teach Online: Make Money Every Month Doing What You Love
Instructor Philip Ebiner

Teach Online Make Money Every Month Doing What You Love

If you are looking for a course packed with information you will want to enroll in this one with over 100 lectures. Plus you get a free copy of Phil’s new eBook which comes from this course. It takes awhile to get through the course but you will make back more than the cost of the course and more. Look through Section 10 of his course to see how much Phil is earning each month.

WordPress Profits: Create a Blog and Sell Udemy Courses
Instructor Matt Bernstein

WordPress Profits Create a Blog and Sell Udemy Courses

Learn how you can use affordable WordPress to build websites that let you promote your Udemy courses. I have used WordPress to promote both my own “Marketing Your Business With WordPress Course” Udemy course and my Kindle book “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media – A Beginner’s Handbook”. WordPress is easy to learn and it cost less than $10 a month to have your own self-hosted site and about $10 a year for your own domain name. Matt’s course covers everything from email marketing on your website to converting lookers to paying customers on Udemy. It doesn’t cover installing WordPress and getting it setup, however there’s a tons of affordable courses on Udemy to show you how to do that.

Other Courses To Checkout:

Udemy Course Creation Secrets: Sales Videos & Sales Copies
Alain Oceano

How to Create an Awesome Online Course
Instructor Miguel Hernandez

Free Courses:

Udemy Starter: Your Success Comes Before You Create a Course
Instructor Matt Bernstein

How to Create Your Udemy Course
Udemy Instructor Team

Udemy Course Review – Udemy Profits: How I Make $2,000 a Month Selling Courses Matt Bernstein

Udemy Profits: How I Make $2,000 a Month Selling CoursesI’ve been an instructor on since mid-July of 2014 with my first course Marketing Your Business With WordPress. That first month I earn $14.80 which I promptly transferred to my checking account to pay bills. It wasn’t much, but it was a start and lead my on my quest to learn more about being successful on Udemy. I joined the Udemy Facebook Group Udemy Studio and Udemy Faculty Lounge so I could connect with other instructors. I started seeing post from fellow Udemy instructors Alun Hill, Matt Bernstein, Rob Cubbon and Phil Ebiner who have been generous in offering their courses for preview. I took advantage of their courses and started digesting the information they were offering up on the keys to their own success.

Matt’s course Udemy Profits: How I Make $2,000 a Month Selling Courses Matt Bernstein was the first Udemy course I actually purchased. I figured why not when it was only $10 bucks and packed full of useful information for those who want to see their income increase. Mine has and I’m now making just over $100 a month in my 3rd full month on the site. These guys have been offering their courses for over a year now and making $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 and $10,000 a month. Yes, both Alun and Phil have hit that $10,000 a month mark which incredible. But right now I feel like Matt’s $2,500 is a more realistic goal for me to reach for and then I can set might sight on bigger numbers.

The course starts out with a lecture on creating passive income on and then shows you Matt’s earning from September 2014 back to July of 2014. Then he goes into lectures that teach you how to find out which topics might be in demand to create profitable courses. Each of these lectures teach you wear to go so you can research demand for topics. I would have never thought about checking for popular Kindle books.

MB September Udemy Earnings

Matt then goes into advice on creating your courses and then the most important section was is promoting your course once it is done and ready for prime time. I know a lot about marketing and even have a Kindle book out on promoting your business or cause using social media. But there’s always something I forget or didn’t think about because there’s just so many ways to market yourself, business and products these days. I know one of the things I’ve learned with my book and my courses is giving them away for free at first to build social proof. You want to show potential students that other students are taking or have taken your course. Plus this is a great way to get reviews for your new course which help potential buyers.

The course finishes up with several lectures showing you other websites and suggestions on where else to make additional income from your course(s). Since you retain the rights to your course you can upload it to site like Skillfeed, Fiverr, YouTube and even Kindle to name a few.

Matt is very through with his information and very knowledgeable with the subject matter. I really think that the information you get from this course is well worth the $10 bucks and I am willing to bet you’ll make that up and more when you launch your first Udemy course. Check out his other courses at the link below.

Additional Information:

About Udemy Instructor Matt Bernstein

About Self-Published Author and Udemy Instructor Dennis Smith