8+ Udemy Courses for Udemy Instructors

Udemy CourseAre you struggling to get your Udemy course off the ground? Wondering how you can increase your course income? I have rounded up a list of 8+ excellent courses from top Udemy instructors that you can take to learn how to be a successful instructor and watch that PayPal account grow. There are no guarantees and results might vary depending on the effort you put into building a great course and marketing your course. Most of these Udemy courses below are under $20 bucks and a few are even free.



Google Analytics for Udemy Instructors – Hassle Free Reports
Instructor Scott Duffy

Google Analytics for Udemy Instructors - Hassle Free Reports

This is a brand new course that is an excellent resources to teach instructor how to add Google Analytics tracking to their courses. This allows instructors to track visits, page views, and conversions for your Udemy course so you can use that information to your benefit. Including the ability to see which of your lectures are being viewed the most by students and where your referrals are coming from.

How to Create a Million Dollar Course on Udemy!
Instructor Victor Bastos

How to Create a Million Dollar Course on Udemy!

New course that covers a lot of information by an instructor who has generated over 1 million dollars of income on Udemy. This course has over 57 lectures packed full of useful information that Victor covers fairly well. Don’t forget to check out the lecture on Affiliate Marketing which I think is a great tool for building additional income.

How I Make $4,000 A Week From Udemy Courses – And No Filming
Instructor Alun Hill

How I Make $4,000 A Week From Udemy Courses - And No Filming

Learn how to create courses with Alun’s  secrets, equipment suggestions, how to make more money by adding your course to other online education sites (which I have done) and a lot more helpful information. Watch the Preview videos in this course or hangout in the Udemy Studio Facebook Group in which Alun will be found.

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Online Learning Podcast: Interviews with Udemy Authors
Instructor John Colley

Online Learning Podcast Interviews with Udemy Authors

This free course is mainly a collection of Podcast featuring interviews from various Udemy instructors like Alun Hill, Rob Cubbon, Matt Bernstein and more. I recommend this course because it is free and there is lots of great information provided during each podcast. It also lets you

Udemy Course Creation Secrets: How I Make $000’s on Udemy
Instructor John Colley

Udemy Course Creation Secrets How I Make $000's on Udemy

In this course you’ll learn just about everything there in to learn about because successful on Udemy. John covers it all from researching your competition, course creation, choosing the right equipment for great presentation and quickly creating your lectures in under 30 minutes. It really doesn’t have to be that difficult getting started with Udemy and this course gets you off on the right track for Udemy success. There are over 60 lectures in this course which makes it well worth the investment and more!

Udemy Profits: How I Make $2,000 a Month Selling Courses
Instructor Matt Bernstein

Udemy Profits How I Make $2,000 a Month Selling Courses

This course from Matt packs in a lot of useful information an an exceptional price with plenty of tips on how you can be successful just like Matt. This guy is the real deal. There are 30 lectures in this course and you can preview over half of those before you purchase the course.

Teach Online: Make Money Every Month Doing What You Love
Instructor Philip Ebiner

Teach Online Make Money Every Month Doing What You Love

If you are looking for a course packed with information you will want to enroll in this one with over 100 lectures. Plus you get a free copy of Phil’s new eBook which comes from this course. It takes awhile to get through the course but you will make back more than the cost of the course and more. Look through Section 10 of his course to see how much Phil is earning each month.

WordPress Profits: Create a Blog and Sell Udemy Courses
Instructor Matt Bernstein

WordPress Profits Create a Blog and Sell Udemy Courses

Learn how you can use affordable WordPress to build websites that let you promote your Udemy courses. I have used WordPress to promote both my own “Marketing Your Business With WordPress Course” Udemy course and my Kindle book “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media – A Beginner’s Handbook”. WordPress is easy to learn and it cost less than $10 a month to have your own self-hosted site and about $10 a year for your own domain name. Matt’s course covers everything from email marketing on your website to converting lookers to paying customers on Udemy. It doesn’t cover installing WordPress and getting it setup, however there’s a tons of affordable courses on Udemy to show you how to do that.

Other Courses To Checkout:

Udemy Course Creation Secrets: Sales Videos & Sales Copies
Alain Oceano

How to Create an Awesome Online Course
Instructor Miguel Hernandez

Free Courses:

Udemy Starter: Your Success Comes Before You Create a Course
Instructor Matt Bernstein

How to Create Your Udemy Course
Udemy Instructor Team