Udemy Profits: How I Make $2,000 a Month Selling CoursesI’ve been an instructor on Udemy.com since mid-July of 2014 with my first course Marketing Your Business With WordPress. That first month I earn $14.80 which I promptly transferred to my checking account to pay bills. It wasn’t much, but it was a start and lead my on my quest to learn more about being successful on Udemy. I joined the Udemy Facebook Group Udemy Studio and Udemy Faculty Lounge so I could connect with other instructors. I started seeing post from fellow Udemy instructors Alun Hill, Matt Bernstein, Rob Cubbon and Phil Ebiner who have been generous in offering their courses for preview. I took advantage of their courses and started digesting the information they were offering up on the keys to their own success.

Matt’s course Udemy Profits: How I Make $2,000 a Month Selling Courses Matt Bernstein was the first Udemy course I actually purchased. I figured why not when it was only $10 bucks and packed full of useful information for those who want to see their income increase. Mine has and I’m now making just over $100 a month in my 3rd full month on the site. These guys have been offering their courses for over a year now and making $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 and $10,000 a month. Yes, both Alun and Phil have hit that $10,000 a month mark which incredible. But right now I feel like Matt’s $2,500 is a more realistic goal for me to reach for and then I can set might sight on bigger numbers.

The course starts out with a lecture on creating passive income on Udemy.com and then shows you Matt’s earning from September 2014 back to July of 2014. Then he goes into lectures that teach you how to find out which topics might be in demand to create profitable courses. Each of these lectures teach you wear to go so you can research demand for topics. I would have never thought about checking Amazon.com for popular Kindle books.

MB September Udemy Earnings

Matt then goes into advice on creating your courses and then the most important section was is promoting your course once it is done and ready for prime time. I know a lot about marketing and even have a Kindle book out on promoting your business or cause using social media. But there’s always something I forget or didn’t think about because there’s just so many ways to market yourself, business and products these days. I know one of the things I’ve learned with my book and my courses is giving them away for free at first to build social proof. You want to show potential students that other students are taking or have taken your course. Plus this is a great way to get reviews for your new course which help potential buyers.

The course finishes up with several lectures showing you other websites and suggestions on where else to make additional income from your course(s). Since you retain the rights to your course you can upload it to site like Skillfeed, Fiverr, YouTube and even Kindle to name a few.

Matt is very through with his information and very knowledgeable with the subject matter. I really think that the information you get from this course is well worth the $10 bucks and I am willing to bet you’ll make that up and more when you launch your first Udemy course. Check out his other Udemy.com courses at the link below.

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